Iditarod Trail Bundle

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Quote from Tom Miller

"The Iditarod Trail Invitational follows the Historic Iditarod Trail from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska, a distance of 1000miles/1600km. This year only 44 athletes were selected to attempt the full distance to Nome, solely under their own power, in winter. I'm one of them.

What does it take to ride for 16 or more hours a day for weeks on end?

Protein, it takes lots and lots of protein. Very quickly the biggest obstacle to your physical performance in a winter ultra is to ingest enough protein so you don't eat your own muscles. Mitsoh Pemmican and Pansawan are the foundation of my protein intake. It has been amazing to feel the difference in soreness and fatigue when eating these high-quality foods. I'm so lucky to have Mitsoh on the trail with me!"

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  • 54 x Limited Edition Maple Blueberry (No Pepper) Pemmican Strips
  • 54 x Limited Edition Maple Strawberry Pemmican Strips
  • 54 x Maple Blueberry Pemmican Strips
  • 54 x Maple Saskatoon Pemmican Strips
  • 15 x 70g of Dry Meat