Eco Friendly - Bulk Pack of Pemmican Strips - Saskatoon

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It’s here!! Introducing our MITSOH SASKATOON PEMMICAN STRIPS! These delicious snacks are made REAL, all-natural BISON! The whole food ingredients are simple: Bison, Saskatoon, Pure Maple Syrup, Sea Salt, Pepper and Smoke. That’s it!

*MITSOH means ‘eat’ in the Cree Nehiyaw language. 

0.46 kg (20 strips x .023kg)

*Eco Friendly packaging contains 20 units per pack. Not individually wrapped.*

Customer Reviews

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So delicious, such a great taste and source of protein!

Martina Lauer
Fresh and tasty

The strips are very satisfying protein snacks. So handy and tasty. Too expensive for every day but a beautiful treat.

Molina Dawson

Love how soft the eco pack pemmican is.

Jessica Robertson
Delicious but shipping mishap

I love Mitsoh's pemmican strips for an easy filling snack to grab on my way out the door or on camping trips. As someone who suffers from IBS I love the simple ingredients that don't flare up my symptoms like most dried meats do with garlic and onion in them. I split my bulk packs in three. Putting 2 in vacuum sealed bags in the freezer and keeping one in my fridge for the next couple of weeks.

I ordered three different flavours in my last purchase. Unfortunately, one of the packages had the vacuum seal broken. The meat was still fine and I have been eating it, I just hope that it doesn't go off before I finish it as I'm not sure how long it was open for.


Great product. Glad to support this small business as they make great, nutritious and socially/ecologically responsible food.
I use this for camping and it’s always packed in my “bug out bag” in case of community rapid evacuation