How do you say "Mitsoh"?

"Mitsoh" is pronounced "meet-so".

What does Mitsoh mean?

Mitsoh means "Eat" in Cree Nehiyaw.

How much protein does Mitsoh have?

Mitsoh contains 9g of protein per 30g serving.

How much carbohydrates does Mitsoh have?

Mitsoh has 9g of carbs per 30g serving, 1g of fibre and 8g of sugar coming from whole berries and maple syrup.

What is Pânsâwân 

Pânsâwân translates to 'thinly sliced dry meat' in the Cree Nehiyâw language. It was what the First Peoples of Canada used to sustain themselves during long, harsh winters and is prepared by carefully smoking and drying the meat for many hours.

How do you say "Pânsâwân"?

"Pânsâwân" is pronounced "bahn-sa-wan".

Who taught you how to make Pânsâwân?

The tradition was passed down by our founder Ian Gladue's mother Jacqueline Masuzumi. She is proudly Dene and is from Fort Good Hope, NWT. It was here that she taught Ian and his wife Rondell Desjarlais how to make dry meat.

How do you eat Pânsâwân?

Pânsâwân can be eaten as is, but it is absolutely delicious served with rendered fat and salt, butter, or avocado.Pânsâwân can be eaten as is, but it is absolutely delicious served with healthy fats such as: quacamole, avocado, butter, cheese, rendered fat and sea salt.

Where do you get your meat?

Pânsâwân is made from the best quality all-natural, Alberta farmed bison that is raised free from any added hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

Is Pânsâwân carbohydrate free?


Is Pânsâwân Keto-Friendly?


How much protein does Pânsâwân have?

Pânsâwân contains 25g of protein per 35g serving.

Is Pânsâwân paleo-friendly?