Dry Meat 140g

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Dry Meat has been a sacred delicacy for First Nations, Inuit, and Metis people since time immemorial."Pânsâwân" ("bahn-sa-wan") translates to thin sliced meat from the Cree (Nehiyaw) language. Traditionally, this meat was obtained after a successful hunt and was carefully dried and smoked for many days by the tribe's men and women, giving it that distinct flavor. The resulting Dry Meat is how our ancestors replenished themselves during the long, harsh Canadian winters.

Quantity: 140g
Ingredients: Bison, Smoke

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Candace d

Amazing, as Always!

Shirley Ivanauskas-Ward
Dry meat

It was thinner and crispier than previous batches I have purchased.. is more like a chip. Still tasted good but texture was different. Might have just been the batch as I have always been happy with your product.

Eghane!! Excellent!!

Dry meat is next best thing to home made dry meat (egahne) made by your gramma!! (eh-gah-neh means dry meat in Dene Suline).

Sébastien Boucher
Great, simple product. NO SUGAR!

I've been looking for a reliable, simple product like this for years. Short of making it myself (not practical), I could only find preserved products with tons of salt and/or sugar. This product is just the basics - meat, and just a bit of smoke to keep it preserved. Clocking in at just under 80% protein per gram, it's a winner for camping, bug-out bags or just eating! It's going into my lunch as a protein back-up!


Delicious, would love to buy in much larger quantities